“Tears of cherries” is a thoughtful and wise collection of verses featuring more then 60 poems which I had the pleasure to translate to the English language under the request of my dear uncle, Larbi Houmaidi.
I tried my best to forward the writer’s thoughts and emotions as well as keeping the aesthetic and expressive values of this literary work , emphasising the beauty of the words , figurative language, metaphor.. etc.
This anthology of poems carry themes that touch on universal experiences like life, death , love and loss. And Even though themes of grief and loneliness are displayed throughout almost every poem ,there are choking moments of happiness and gratitude , tenderness and tenacity . These moments are shattered and bruised , taken and incomplete, But they keep resurrecting – if briefly . Even in the bleakest moments , there is a memory , the ghost of a lover , a small joy haunting these poems .
From the highest mountain to the simple flower , Nature is highly present in Larbi’s verses Providing a means to express his elevated thoughts and passionate emotions .
Thus , Larbi’s poems vacillate between having straightforward meanings and requiring deep interpretation all of which makes this work a worth-reading piece of literature.