Lightening of a Thunderbolt

Lava beam
On a water lake
A thunderbolt
On the body
Awakened dead senses
From hibernation.
A touch desire spikes
Caves chased by
Flames of rebellious fire
Following me everywhere
Insights of fire
Tongues sweeping words
Whenever night falls
Driving me crazy
Moon of affection
Towards lands of oversights .
A Trembling body
Hidden secrets
On a water rock
Alleys wearing confusion
A Birth
In obstinacy rush
Chained loaded clouds
And I drink from the winery
Of Poetry
And darkness of gloom
Saddled of whims rip
Longing groan
Ignites fire
Pleasure seeds
Lightning and thunder unite
In gasp of disbelieve
A body ,
Searching for pleasure
Asleep but won’t sleep
The Heat of noon ,
A moor of pain.