A dry spring of grapes
A slandered body
Coercive misfortune
Completion of life cycle
Without immune
Tired secrets from traveling
Unable to resist a youthful journey
Unlike what it used to be,
Deepened wrinkles
On crystals of cluster
Streams of fatigue tattooed on the forehead
Under a cold shadow
Within cracks of an old pyramid
Tired, sleepy eyes
Dangling lids
In a deep sleep.
Shaky legs
Tired bare steps
In burning sands.
The end of a journey
Between alleys of life
Behind the cruelty of dreams.
The sauce dried out
With autumn’s winds
Even oversight
Won’t be able
To repair the wounds.
Here , there’s no arrogance or differentiation
Departing under feet of progress .
A body climbing down a cliff towards ash
Its soul, crystals of lilies
Shining in the sky
Tears droplets
Anguish of a gagged grief