I shed my tears; my tears – my consolation; And I am silent; my murmur is dead, My soul, sunk in a depression’s shade, Hides in its depths the bitter exultation. ( Alexandre Poushkin )

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Tears of cherries

“Tears of cherries” is a thoughtful and wise collection of verses featuring more then 60 poems which I had the pleasure to translate to the English language under the request of my dear uncle, Larbi Houmaidi.
I tried my best to forward the writer’s thoughts and emotions as well as keeping the aesthetic and expressive values of this literary work , emphasising the beauty of the words , figurative language, metaphor.. etc.
This anthology of poems carry themes that touch on universal experiences like life, death , love and loss. And Even though themes of grief and loneliness are displayed throughout almost every poem ,there are choking moments of happiness and gratitude , tenderness and tenacity . These moments are shattered and bruised , taken and incomplete, But they keep resurrecting – if briefly . Even in the bleakest moments , there is a memory , the ghost of a lover , a small joy haunting these poems .
From the highest mountain to the simple flower , Nature is highly present in Larbi’s verses Providing a means to express his elevated thoughts and passionate emotions .
Thus , Larbi’s poems vacillate between having straightforward meanings and requiring deep interpretation all of which makes this work a worth-reading piece of literature.

The hum of ruin


Larbi asked me to edit this collection in English. I tried my best and was honoured but of course what remains silent is the space between Arabic and English. My attempts to bridge the tone was supported by poetry’s largesse of reach and those universal resonances in the very human journey of love.
This collection is a deeply personal testament of a period in Larbi’s life. The words plumb the depths of longing unfulfilled to the resentment of betrayal.
Wolf’s smile chills and allures equally. Coal Balls cries for time to slow and ease its exacting price. The reader is shown the writer’s supplication in Peregrinate Body and awed stillness in Birch Tree Hymn.
Black Swallow Tail shows the interface between the old and new, the timelessness of love while pricking western sensibilities.
All through out these poems sing the ancient hymns of the Atlas Mountains and footfalls of the Berber in a modern era of liberal hearts and minds to choose and the uncertainties which newer traditions of freedom bring. A journey of exhilarating highs and devastating lows which only the heart can sustain are candidly poured out in Larbi’s verse.
by Clare (CL) Rolfe

Tears of the cherry

by Clare L Rolfe
Tears of the Cherry is reflective of the rich and diverse trapestry of Morocco. It brings with it history of the people and religion and buttresses it against the angst of the modern day both in psyche and the political. There is the deep lament and pity for the Palestinian and Syrian and the entombment of woman who cries for freedom and love equally.
The natural world is a pervasive theme which intertwines with the fortunes of man both as nourishment and wealth but also its beauty. I remember the words of the Olive tree which illuminates and the call of roots in the lands of Zagora heritage.
These poems speak of reconnection to history and memory after the alluring lights of the west. This reconnection also brings with it the happiness of the familiar and the grief of old wounds as spoken in the Hustle and Bustle of Sorrows.

In silence


Fundamental Goodness
of a human being lies in one’s soul when its implementations exercises in one’s words and thoughts. I feel proud in drafting a preface on the beautiful poetry binder, “In Silence” by Larbi Houmaidi, a famous poet of heart, mind and soul from Morocco. I have gone through some of his soulful verses wherein I find a sense selfness prevailing in them with great zeal and zest. Most of his compositions speak of bitter truth of life that effects one’s heart mind and soul. They flow smoothly in their own steps without making a break in its ideology and sweetness of rhyme but somewhere sprinkle gloom shower upon his thoughts and themes those can be seen in surface of his some verses. His Pathetic verses are truth of human life and its moral values.
In one of the poem Mr Larbi writes

The female,
Eyes ,
Flow of tears
Holes ,
Eyelids of pain
Packets of flame
A blaze, …

so wonderfully expressed inner pain of a woman that is only possible when you feel at your own heart.
His poems are spontaneously combusted
those burn without flames. His characters, subjects and object involved do produce smoke and sustain self heating to burn themselves.On other hand, some of his poems speak of love, peace and humanity. While going through his poetry I feel as if I am involved too as one of his subjects. Recently I compiled a poem that reads…

When words run through
my soul, A verse originates in my thoughts;
That consoles my heart,
and energizes my body
my appearance;
Before it is placed in a dashboard of my reflection
of my satisfaction or of my
Likewise verses of Mr Larbi speak the language of silence and truth that needs no script since they come out of his heart and slip into the pages of his life.
I congratulate mr Larbi for his outstanding collection of poetry and wish him great success of this beautiful poetry book.

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